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Charlottesville Area Veterinarians

Horses in Albemarle Co.

We can imagine what a podiatrist does. He or she is a foot specialist and knows everything about the human foot. Even a pediatrician's job is understandable. They work with sneezy, snotty kids all day. But imagine a small animal veterinarian...ready to fix up a beagle, a parrot or a python in the same day. How about a large animal vet? It's still house calls only and often in the middle of the night, sometimes by the truck headlights trying to help a difficult birth of a calf, a foal or even a Cria (Alpaca). Veterinarians are a dedicated bunch, highly educated and generally in their chosen field because of a deep love for animals. We know how important your animals are to you and are sure you'll be impressed with the remarkable choices among Charlottesville veterinarians. Our thriving horse industry has attracted many great equine specialists, and our pet loving population seems to have at least one small animal clinic in every community. Below you'll find listings for many of the veterinarians serving the Charlottesville area.